Family and Children Services: Family Assessment

We offer a core team of practitioners trained in the use of the "family assessment scale." It is a tool that can assist in case planning, parent instruction, problem solving, and decision making for the purposes of more intensive and short term interventions (1 - 3 months). It provides a comprehensive evaluation that provides clarity of focus and organization in observation and reporting.

This assessment tool has been carefully developed from best practices in family services and assessment. It can be used in working with families experiencing serious child protection issues that may be of concern under "Family Service Law." It can also help assess for the appropriateness of reunification where children have been separated from their parents for a period of time.

The tool has a parent/family self-reflection component that provides an opportunity for clients to have direct input into planning for supports and interventions.

The scale emerged from a philosophy and methodology that is behavioral and functional. This means it focuses on family functioning rather than on individual pathology. It lends itself to planning for interventions that are short term and action based and can elicit the cooperation and collaboration of family members.

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