Metapra Associates was incorporated on July 15, 1996, with Hugh and Stephanie Williams as the Directors. Dr. Williams has managed two human service agencies between 1981-98 in the Woodstock area: Community Industries Employment Vocational Association and Transitional Employment Training Program. Both directors have specialized in employment services for disadvantaged adults. They have served people who have experienced a range of barriers to employment and participation in their communities.

Along with 27 years experience in the human service field in the Woodstock region, Ms. Williams brings considerable management experience to the agency she has helped to develop. To supplement these skills, she has completed a range of computer, bookkeeping, business and marketing courses to ensure effective management of the company. She has extensively networked with employers in the private and public sectors, social workers and other professionals, parents, volunteers, political representatives, as well as established local and provincial agencies.

Dr. Williams also has been engaged in part-time instruction with St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick in their Philosophy Departments. Mr. Williams received his doctorate in philosophy from the Dominican University College in Ottawa in 2008. His research has concentrated in the areas of applied ethics, phenomenology, and metaphysics. Mr. Williams doctoral dissertation integrated community development and human services experience into his philosophical research by using examples from this practice to ground, illustrate and test philosophical theory.

Given the Directors' long history in the Woodstock region, there have been a variety of opportunities to thoroughly evaluate current services, or the lack of services, within the context of changing economic and political climates. Furthermore, both Directors have an empathetic understanding of the rural dimension of the area and the interdependence between local centers i.e. Hartland, Woodstock and their surrounding areas.

It is this experience and background that has formed the company's current path and direction.